Calm and Patient Parenthood

Everyday I use to read a lot of text on parenthood, motherhood. And every article makes me a little tense, actually a lot, about ways in which I am nurturing the Blossom I am blessed with. Then I wonder, do really being a mother need so much hammering of thoughts? Do it really need a …

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This is my faourite word on Google search. Today I got this beautiful poem, so thought sharing it with you all.

PROJECT HAPPINESS: Spend time with Kids

Childhood is the most innocent phase of everybody’s life. Here we respect and love everyone without Judging them. Childhood is the era where we have:  Loads of laughter, Heartfelt & unhidden cries,  Dreams as if they are sole Missions, Ability to switch dreams, Confidence of winning word by just a smile,  Dare to do every …

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PROJECT HAPPINESS: Believe In yourself

Though everybody knows how to be happy, still everyone searches for it unceasingly. I myself being searcher once, revealed few facts about the GIANT WORD HAPPINESS, and would like to share it with you all through series of post under PROJECT HAPPINESS. My only request is to my every reader is that if you find …

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Walk alone

While walking yesterday I saw a bird Flying high, all alone I wondered When sky can give freedom to fly high Why earth have boundaries to walk alone When fellow birds respect you equally while in group or alone Why fellow human beings have boundations to chalk your own path alone.