Uncomplicated Mommyhood

Sometimes I wonder why there is so much literature on motherhood which for me is as sacred as God, which cannot be defined in words, which could not be taught, the phase which is almost ¾ a life of a person.

For me being mother is just being myself. Though I have read text on it but nothing is helpful. As every child is unique and grows in his own specific atmosphere how come any other person teaches us the way to nurture him?

In short, I wanna say that if you are Mommy please don’t rely on what other mothers are doing with their kids. You are unique and your child is, believe in this and discover your own unique ways to grow him. Be free when you can love him unconditionally you can scold him unconditionally too 😉 Just kidding.

Enjoy this phase and please don’t bind your new life in world already rotten.