Motherhood is a Beautiful Journey, indeed as a roller coaster ride, but view from high is beautiful and from low is serene.

Yes, Journey of settling in this new role of motherhood doesn’t come fortnightly, it takes time. It take time to adjust your lifestyle with a new member who is totally dependent on you, it takes time to reimagined your life and its goals.

I and m sure you all also have often gone through TV commercials where we see a Mom taking her new-born in her hands and is overwhelmed by emotions, or a Mom giving bath to her baby too delicately.

They are indeed a TV commercials which are designed to promote product and are not true reflections of role a woman play as a mother.

I have experienced it personally and many of new moms have shared their experiences with me that when they first saw their child, there were emotions, but mixed with pain. When you give birth to your first child, you are indeed less aware about how to take care of him, and indeed how to hold him properly, so how can so many emotions can knock at your door only on first sight of your kid.

No, I believe that intensity of love and understanding between your child grows with time. It takes time for your baby to consider you as your MOTHER and it takes time for you to consider him as your LIFE.

So Moms, dont’ get swayed by what Media, in any of its form, is showing you. Don’t feel guilty if you sometimes you feel like taking time off from this 24 hour job, or your feel a little irritated with your little one.

Consider, one universal rule, that is, you are too a human being, you too have emotions, you too have physical limitations. Don’t try to become super mum by imitating what has been shown.


Understand what you need,

understand what your child needs.

And these three steps take time.

My idea of UNCOMPLICATED MOTHERHOOD, insist on human factor of being a Mother. If you like the idea, comment on the Box given.

Till Then.

Keep Reading.



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