You must be guessing that how can I redefine such an elaborate concept of motherhood. I definitely can’t.

But in my series of Mommyhood redefined I am trying to insist on my concept of uncomplicated motherhood.


With so much text available on topic, an avid reader and curious mind like me can sometimes become confused as to what should be the true strategy to grow a child effectively without being over burdenised by do’s and don’ts of motherhood. So here I am lining few small and easy techniques which are indeed part of your nature but get ignored due to hassles of mommy life.

For new Mommies

It is very difficult for a person to change her lifestyle overnight and make her entire routine to set up according to new member in her life. Indeed it is.

Routines of feeding, changing nappies, cleaning pee and poo, soothing, and indeed playing with a newborn and taking care of household could sometimes make a person depressed, because until that you have led your life and its style according to your own set routines and now your every moment is bided compulsorily with a kiddo. All this creates a lot of anxiety and stress in new moms.

Solution is simple

  • If you are into nuclear family, first of all keep a whole day maid, and if that not possible, at least keep her for all household chores except cooking. She will be of immense help to you because she will take care of your morning rituals and you will be able to handle your child carefully and without bothering for other work in morning.
  • Second and most important never shy to ask your husband for help, he is equally responsible for child.
  • Rearrange your day and make a small time-table according to your child’s sleep time, which is generally a routine, and an average child of 0 to 6 months sleep approximately 18 to 15 hours a day.
  • New babies generally don’t have sense of day and night so they wake up regularly even at nights, so rather than disturbing your sleep every day, make a shift of handling child between you and your husband, and try to take at least 6 to 8 hours sleep everyday.
  • And last but not the least, don’t bother about bombarding of advises from all Mothers because you are unique & your child is unique and one who have experience could not to a large extent help you in handling your child. So rather than focusing on their words, focus on your own demands and demands of your Kid.

If you like my advice or have few more tips to add-on, reply on the article, It will be of immense help to me as well as to new Moms.

Till then Goodbye.






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