Happiness is my favourite word search in Google, Why? I myself don’t know. It is said that you should find happiness within, I also try to do the same but as an addition I love surfing on this topic and get charged up by collection of few happy words.

I have always believed and will belive that Happiness is the journey and ultimate destination of Mankind. One can survive without even water but, In my view, cannot without happiness.

That content feel which makes you feel that you have lived your life to the fullest, peaceful mind and smile on lips without any obvious reason is Happiness for me.

Since last few days I was writing on the Word “HAPPINESS”, and I will never cease on writing on it, but for this session I am done with wisdom I collected with my senses wide open for Blessing called “HAPPINESS” and to summarize it I am recollecting points here:-

  • First and Foremost is to Believe in Yourself, don’t see yourself from eyes of world, understand who you are and trust our own GUT.
  • Have a focused life, focused on Goals, whether personal or professional, because they will give meaning to your life, a way to follow and every completion of dream will make you more content.
  • Spend time with Kids because they are purest creation of Thy Almighty.
  • Spend time connecting with nature, because it communicates messages of Be Calm and Be Patient.
  • Listen to Music, because it has power to stir your mind and heart and being with it will never make you feel lonely.

Happiness sourrounds you just like your Aura, only you have to be too faithful to belive that something or someone is there who is constantly trying to make you HAPPY with every best way possible.


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