Calm and Patient Parenthood

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Everyday I use to read a lot of text on parenthood, motherhood. And every article makes me a little tense, actually a lot, about ways in which I am nurturing the Blossom I am blessed with.

Then I wonder, do really being a mother need so much hammering of thoughts? Do it really need a long session of thoughts before speaking to your own Kid? Do really being a parent need to change 30 year old my own self?

What I figured out with series of questions in my mind on parenting is, that not to great extend but to a little one, we need to change ourselves when we have decided on becoming a parent. Though texts on internet are more of a exxagerated articles ( this is my personal point of view, please dont be offended). We need to nurture two qualities to become a better parent.

One is Being Calm

And, other is being Patient.

Being calm helps you handle your childs tantrums in easy way and being patient helps you understanding the fact that every day is new and every demand of your kiddo is new too, as the day will pass, the demand will too:) Yes I am serious.

Patient and calm response to your kids lower their wild attitude and your calm behaviour insists them to behave in same way. This is my own experience.

So rather than shuffling papers for becoming better parent nurture these two soft and imbibed qualities you, they will help you in long run.

A small Observation to share with you all:)

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