PROJECT HAPPINESS: Connect with nature

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Have you seen any baby crying incessantly and if you take out him of house and give him a walk outdoors he soon become quite and seems like playing with something.

Have you been upset later, if yes, have you tried walking outside of your home, If yes, then you must have a mind calming experience.

So what is their outside which makes a human being calm and relaxed without any effort.

Yes, the magic is called MOTHER NATURE.

I have experienced it and suggest my every reader to experience it. Whenever you feel bit low or annoyed or irritated , agitated, try going out of home and walk amid woods or sit near a lake or watch birds chirping, yes they have the mind calming effects in them and soon you feel so relaxed and happy.

As it is said that entire universe is connected and position of moon, sun, stars can affect your behaviour, then I will not be exaggerating by saying that if you want happiness to surround you try  going out everyday, connect with nature in best possible way, and see the magic, and happiness which nature has woven for you in this beautiful aromatic Air.


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