This quote itself is so cool and have happy vibes in it, that reading to just a quote can make me happy. It conveys the tremendous power of music and it’s magic.

Think of a day when you are sad, feeling bit low, listen to a soulful harmonious music and you can experience a real stir in your soul, an energy which flows from just few strings of musical instruments and few worthy lyrics is beyond this universe, a few words bided in good music can so uplift your mood.

Another one, you are about to go for a Big interview and you are so nervous, listen to a motivational number you love, and see the magic which gives you so much strength and confidence to face it so lightly. (I myself have experimented it and have benefitted with success.)

Scientifically too it is proven that Music has influential power on mind.

Listening to soft music while doing a work which requires high concentration can actually help you in increasing your concentration. That is why it is said to students that while studying they should listen to some soft music, which helps them with enhanced concentration and uplifted mood.

Now question is how Music can help you release your happy hormones. I have recently read an article on psychology today which says that researchers at McGill University in Canada believe that Music helps release Dopamine (Happy Hormone).


Even if I leave scientific portion in side, I myself have experienced it N number of times and I am sure you guys too have.

  • Music made me feel high
  • Music made me dance
  • It elevated my mood and helped me complete toughest of the assignments.
  • It has soothed me when I was feeling low
  • And has proved to be truest of companion who can play according to my mood.

Guys again I insist on my notion that happiness is so obvious to so just like your aura, only you have to open your eyes wide to experience it. Do not search it anywhere else it is their within you.

If you too have your experiences to share I would love to read.

Till Then

Stay Blessed.



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