PROJECT HAPPINESS: Focus on your Life’s Goal

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to people or things- Albert Einstein

This quote itself speaks a lot about what I wanna say about this third rule of Happiness. I believe that if you want to live a content life, it should be attached to some goal, or series of goals. Focus on your goal rather than focusing on events and circumstances. If your goal and your perseverance for it is disciplined enough you will never get distracted by biggest of the hindrance.


Because there is a super natural power, which is beyond anybody’s control, and which is directed by strong vibes of your will. Stronger the will, easier the path, and only one condition, Focus on Goal.

Whatever I write or say comes out from my hardcore experiences of life, and I believe that if Thy Almighty could help me to achieve my dream, he will help everyone who is determined enough to direct Thy will to fulfill your wish.


And there is no greater happiness then achieving your goal. To be precise, here are few experiences I got while going through that tough phase of my life.

  • Greater the focus, stronger the perseverance to achieve it.
  • Stronger the perseverance, nearer the Goal.
  • Nearer the goal, enhanced Focus.
  • Enhanced the focus, achieved the Goal.
  • Achieved Goal, feel Happiness.
  • Felt happiness, increased confidence.
  • Increased confidence, bigger the determination.
  • Bigger determination to set another Goal, Focus on it and Achieve It and the cycle of happiness continues, with only one factor to rely on i.e. FOCUS.

Happiness Is the easiest treasure to gather every day from smallest of the acts, only we need to open our heart to feel it, and we will find it everywhere, just like our Aura.

Guys, if you have anything to add here which will benefit other readers, do add in comments section. I would love to read your experiences on topic.

Stay Blessed.



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