PROJECT HAPPINESS: Spend time with Kids

Childhood is the most innocent phase of everybody’s life. Here we respect and love everyone without Judging them. Childhood is the era where we have:

 Loads of laughter,

Heartfelt & unhidden cries,

 Dreams as if they are sole Missions,

Ability to switch dreams,

Confidence of winning word by just a smile,

 Dare to do every act,

Love for every fellow being,

& lot of ignorance of worldly wisdom.

So if you wanna excel any of these qualities or all of them, spend your day’s time in company of kids as well. If you have your own you are lucky and not then enough lucky to spend your time with children of neighborhood.


This is my own experience, I am Mom of three plus year old beautiful daughter but still I chose to spend my day’s hour with children of my society and I have saw the vibes they create in that one hour, which is indeed my charger for rest of 23 hours. I have few points to mention which I have felt are result of spending time with Kids.

  • Children have so positive vibes in them that their company can actually make you a positive person, without any effort of practicing Yoga and Mind Management.
  • They love and respect every elder person because they know the fact that elders know about world more than them, and this attitude make you feel more confident about yourself.
  • They live in the doubtless world, for each and every action they are so sure that despite failing they never lose heart. Teaching you the lesson of Perseverance.
  • They laugh with open heart, and make you laugh with them. And you know Laughter is the best medicine in world.
  • They make you learn the most important lesson of life BE YOURSELF.

I believe that happiness surrounds us like our Aura; only lack is in our eyes to see it and feel it. And a child is that powerful source which can make you experience happiness around.

So feel the power of childhood and experience abundance of happiness with them.

Stay Blessed.



5 thoughts on “PROJECT HAPPINESS: Spend time with Kids

  1. Children are a blessing. Their naivety opens their world to so much more joy and happiness than many adults are capable of seeing and experiencing. This is one reason why in the presence of children adults benefit so much.


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