PROJECT HAPPINESS: Believe In yourself

Though everybody knows how to be happy, still everyone searches for it unceasingly.

I myself being searcher once, revealed few facts about the GIANT WORD HAPPINESS, and would like to share it with you all through series of post under PROJECT HAPPINESS. My only request is to my every reader is that if you find any point worthy please absorb that in your life, I am sure you will see change.


  • First and foremost part of being happy is to be content with your own self and your own actions. Stop imitating what others are doing.
  • Comparison is worst enemy of Happiness. Once you start comparing your life with others you could never be happy. Believe me God has made everyone so unique that no one person and his life can match anyone else’s.
  • Trust your uniqueness and you will see a magical change in your outlook of life. You will love it more.
  • No one is perfect in this world. So, accept your mistakes as well. They are not a stone block, but they are life’s way of teaching you lessons necessary to lead a fulfilled life.
  • If you want to do something while everyone else have a different view for that, don’t let your heart and your inner voice down. Believe in your instincts and act according to them. I am sure your instinct will never let you down.
  • Last but not the least; believe in God and on his creation that is YOU. If you want to respect him, love yourself; respect yourself, before you do it for anyone else.

I am not an inspirational teacher or motivational speaker, I am a learner, I have learned from life and has taken it’s every lesson by heart, I will be so glad if my learning will help someone in any way.

Stay Blessed



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