Soulful Music

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for education of its virtue: Plato

Truly said, music has such a power in it.


I am a die-hard fan of Sufi Music, the ecstatic is the word for it. It has power to stir soul. Sufi Music along with powerful lyrics have a magical appeal in it. Be it KUN FAYA KUN (Rockstar), ARZIYAN (Delhi 6), KHWAJA MERE KHWAJA( Jodha Akbar) or MAULA MERE MAULA (Anwar). All these songs can be heard thousand and thousands of time and still so fresh. They have some magical appeal in them, that whenever I listen to them, they become my own words, my own feel. And as it is said in the quote above,every time I listen to them they stir my thoughts and make me review myself every time I listen them.

Guys I am sure you all also love Music, because I believe and have experienced that a common hobby of most of the folks is listening music, and if you are among one, do listen to above mentioned songs and more of them. They will move your soul and your thoughts and will in their strange way make you feel near to thy almighty. Yes, its true.

So listen them, or any other which make you feel soulful.



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