Once in a Life time – SCUBA DIVING

Got chance to do what everyone or may be many want to do once in a life time.



M sure my words will fall short in defining the magic I felt underneath water, between corals, fauna and salt like surface, low gravity and lots of fishes and crabs 🙂

When me with my guide entered water I was afraid, a bit unsure, whether I will be able to do this or not, but once he took me beneath, I was so dazzled and mesmerized by Life their I was stunned. For those few minutes I was weightless, I was healed, I was relieved. The world inside was so calm, serene, that its tranquility made me feel Alive. Yes, those moments made me feel that I am living for myself, only for Me.

Guys if you have this in your wishlist, GO FOR IT. Its not just a sports, its a Power, power of Life God has created and preserved with lots and lots of love and care. The experience have a healing power in it. I have felt it and m sure you will too.



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