Miracles of Heaven


This movie has a very beautiful message in it. The climax speech of mother Christy beam states it in a very beautiful manner that while her journey of possible from impossible she has witnessed Miracle of heaven everywhere, not only in form of existence of God, but In way he kept sending help via Kindness of Strangers, love of Family, Gratitude and in many other invisible ways.

Somewhere I believe it in the same way. God is present everywhere and in every moment whether it is moment of happiness or sadness, success or failure, Life or death, receiving or giving and in every other way. I have always held a strong belief that if you have firm faith in his existence you will witness it apparently in your surroundings and will feel his help coming from every possible way.

It feels good when you find something which affirm your beliefs  and reason I am writing about this movie is same, as message it gave and beliefs I have, stands on somewhat same platform.

If you too have same ideology, go watch it, it is available on YouTube. You will surely feel good after watching.






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