GC Randhir Singh – Part Final

Writing about a writer and poet is itself a tough task but being his student I dared to do this for him. He is safe in heaven today but his teachings are guiding my ways and may be ways of many others. Some remember him and others may forget but I have heard that if you are able to change any One person’s life in your lifetime you become immortal because he/she will definitely light up life of at least one another person and the good deed will continue.

I find myself fortunate to remember his every lesson which are guiding my path today and will keep doing everyday. I believe that I am product of his belief in Me. I was never aware about my any quality until I met him. He precisely and finely made me his Gem. And I am bind to forward his lessons to my students and I am sure I will get one like me.

To be precise I would like to share his every Life lesson with you all, don’t know which one will hit you and become your’s.

  • Simplicity of person is best quality he could possess.
  • Persistence is key ingredient of Success.(His formula of PPLR.)
  • Success cannot be measured in amount, it is not relative term, it is defined by how happy and content a person is.
  • Celebrate Life because you never know when it will come to an end.
  • Enjoy every thing available around you, don’t judge it by what others have.
  • Small things are most convenient one’s. Big House big cars and Big Bank balances bring Big Responsibilities and Big stress with them. (He use to ride LUNA always because that could not be struck in traffic)
  • Spread awareness about everything you know ( he use to educate about sex in class in times when using this word even was prohibited)
  • Keep laughing even in your deepest pain ( he was diagnosed with Mouth Cancer but I have never seen him Sad, he was not able to eat by his mouth and was not able to speak but whenever I met him I see him laughing.

It is said that almighty bless you with Beacon of your life one’s in a lifetime, if you are successful in identifying him, Thy is done with his task, and rest is on shoulders of your mentor. I am blessed to identify mine.

Sir wherever you are today your lessons are celebrated and respected beyond your existence on this planet. I am blessed to have known a mentor and person of your kind in my lifetime. We miss you.



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