Can we celebrate everyday as we do when a year ends

Won’t this thought if adapted will change the history of mankind. 

We celebrate end of year with lot of zeal, so much planning so much excitement and indeed we spend every last day of year so lavishly full of life. Imagine for five minutes we are celebrating every day as we celebrate last day of year and sleeping everyday with similar hope and similar resolution we keep for new year. 

I am sure you have seen the most beautiful and content life in these five minutes. 

I know you must be thinking that it is easy said then done. But trust me if we do it even linently like every end of month which sales people do to achieve their targets. Oh what a craze they can create! Truly I have seen them acting insane to fulfill thein targets anyhow. If we people do same to fulfill our target of happiness I am sure life will become a celebration itself.

Guys I believe life is simple but has been made complicated by so much commercialisation of things. Happiness was and is next door only you need to knock it everyday and it will prove to be a great host. 

Let’s do this, let’s resolve to celebrate end of every day with same zeal and welcome everyday with same hope. I am sure life gonna take a big U turn with this small step.

Catch you later.



3 thoughts on “Can we celebrate everyday as we do when a year ends

  1. Well said. I think that new year frenzy is a Western commercial phenomenon which was copied blindly to make money. You don’t need any special day to celebrate. Enjoy each day. Lovely write up


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