Stretch Marks- Nature’s sign of Power


Growing economy has resulted in overgrown consumerism in our country. I believe that Demon of Body Shaming was birth of Globalization our country witnessed after 1991.

You must be thinking that why I am talking Economics today.

It’s just to put up the background on topic I am talking about.

Yes, Your Stretch Marks ARE BEAUTIFUL. They are natures gift to prove that you are a warrior who can save a life for nine months, give birth to a new life, give food from your own blood to a new life, experience every hormonal change a person could ever witness in life, undergo every patience test a person could attempt, nurture a new life everyday with your all stamina, and sharing your every space with your child even Bathrooms:)

Then why is that you are shameful about them, why you use every possible product to help your body remove or reduce these gift. Trust me overgrown consumerism is reason behind this. I have seen My Daadi & Naani they have 5 and 9 kids but I have never seen them shameful about there stretch marks. My mother herself have 4 but I have never seen her shameful about them. But my generation being more vulnerable of consumerism has made a belief that these products which are named as ANTI-STRETCH MARK CREAM OR OIL could help them look as before and save them from shame of loosen body or anything that they think which I am not very sure about.

Lady, believe in yourself and in power of nature. Sometimes accepting things as they are communicates More Powerful and More Beautiful You. Wear the marks proudly because they are sign of your warrior-ship and indeed of your completeness as Woman.

Don’t get fooled by TV commercials, they are more interested in selling their product rather than bothering about your beauty.

Be Powerful Be Beautiful.





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