GC Randhir Singh-Part 4


This was acronym of one of the most beautiful life lessons I have ever learned in Life.


He use to give this formula for success in every field of life be it study, learning English, getting admitted to CDS or like army exams and even if you want to “LADKI PATAO.” (this was the way he use to refer it:) )

The day when he introduced this to our class, which was just a week old, was day when a day before he has given us a word “EUTHANASIA” to write upon it and speak in class about the subject.

In that class it was only me among 12 students who was prepared to talk on this and it was then when he taught his class to follow the formula of PPLR if they want to learn language.

This class was special to me because the word “EUTHANASIA” has opened a new world in front of me. The word was a Right of a Person to ask for MERCIFUL DEATH. I was shocked and totally surprised when I learned this dynamic of world I was living in. The world where a person has no ownership on his life as well as on his death and he is asking helplessly to government and doctors to end his life respectfully.

Anywayz if you are one who is desirous of achieving something substantial in life, colonel Sir’s formula is sure-shot for it and indeed easy to remember. His formula reminds me of a Quote which says that “SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY”. Though his formula looks so simple but it has power to turn universe in your favor.

So PPLR-Peeche Peeche Lage Raho



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