mother-daughterHas anyone said to you this before. If yes you could relate to the kind of happy confidence these three beautiful words have given you.

When I was Kid I was not a pretty child so was not adored by many.Though my Mum have tried to make me look by best of the clothes, but she has almost failed every time.

I wonder, rather than feeling guilty of my looks if she, only she, had ever imposed her confidence in me and had believed that I am beautiful I could have become much more confident person and probably have never tried to look beautiful to win heart of people surrounding me.

Now when I am mother of three-year old gorgeous and indeed a confident daughter, I can sense and feel it strongly that major reason behind her confidence is the kind of attention and affection she receive even from stranger, not to talk about acquaintances only.

I have read so many articles on parenting and those articles impose so much pressure on their readers that no one can come out of guilt if he/she is a constant reader of those articles(which I once was). Their content has made word parenting torcher.

Believe me Parenting is nothing but a routine with your kiddo imbibed by little consciousness to build their self esteem and grow them as a good person by making them learn small things.

And these three words”YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL BABY” can make wonders to build self-confidence of your child. Because beauty is in heart, is in actions of your child, in the ways he treat others, indeed not in the way he looks.

So dear fellow parent, allow your children an autonomy from shackles of closed mentality this society has evolved in years and make them believe that “THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE CREATION OF GOD.”




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