GC Randhir Singh-Part 3

Lets check out who is the person I am talking about.

  • He is writer & poet of Dongri Language and his pen name is Kunwar Viyogi.
  • He is the First and only Air Force Officer to receive prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award.
  • Youngest poet to be bestowed with such a prestigious award.
  • He received Gold Medal for best Fighter Controller and also received commendation of chief of Air Force.

But when you meet him as a English Teacher you could certainly not figure out that you are meeting a person of such a High Stature. He is so simple and obvious in his impression that if you don’t know him you could never figure this out that you are meeting a person, who are generally unapproachable to average persons like me.

His gesture taught me life’s very important lesson that ” Whoever you are and wherever you are from, don’t flaunt, because life is friend of most genuine and simple people.”

May be he is not among us now but everyday when I wake up, and am sure his hundreds of students among us, remember him and his teachings .not given by words but by actions.


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