This world could be a better place- Women please be yourself

The most important relationship in the world you have is with yourself-ACCEPT IT, NURTURE IT, INVEST IN IT. 

I have read this quote once somewhere.

Being a member of Indian Patriarchal community, where Men have so much empowerment over society and its belongings that the fairer sex has almost lost its independent existence here, I believe that If in all and all Women could be firm on one part i.e. be herself despite every force wanting her to change, this world could be a far more better place for her.

I have seen, that in love of being liked by others, especially Husband and his family, women tend to change herself so much that almost she kill her original sake. On name of compromise and adjustment she let her identity her name die. But, trust me no compromise and adjustment will make you happy. May be when you are young and busy in maintaining your family you don’t realize it but once you are over with your main responsibilities and this world will leave you on your own once again, you will realize and may be regret that if I could have lived once for myself this world could have been a nicer place for me.

And yes this Experience came from my MIL, who once said me,” Today I have everything I have desired when I was young, but I am not Happy.” Her statement has put me into tumultuous region and has forced me to think relevance and importance of her sacrifices (as she name them).  Has they made people around her happy? Have they ever recognized her sacrifices?

Whatever it may be, but one thing is for sure that all her sacrifices, compromises, adjustments and so lot of other odds has let her forget how to live life, how to be happy?

So Girl whoever you are, working or house maker, make sure that you don’t compromise with life you have been gifted, may be once. Go out, work, but for the sake of your own happiness. Don’t let people overpower you so much that you change your basics. Live Life and Be Yourself.


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