Dear Zindagi

“Jab hum khul kar ro nai sakte to khul kar hans kaise sakte h.”


Isn’t that very true. From our toddlerhood only we are teached to behave ourselves by suppressing our emotions. “Don’t laugh loudly, don’t cry , don’t shout, don’t and many don’t’s .

And all these dont’s have a real role in suppressing our original selves.

Imagine a life where there are no rules, no manners, no Dont’s. You are very free to live life the way you want to. No act is Sin, no action is crime.

Isn’t then we can really rely to this term DEAR ZINDAGI.

Yes definitely, I can feel the word when my mind is freed from dos and don’ts.

So lets start, shed the burden created by this giant word SOCIETY, live, love, laugh and enjoy every moment this Dear Zindagi has given us to live.


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