Life has its own ways of teaching; we need to look little up on that.

For everyone in this Universe, I believe there are certain commandments which are beyond their control. No matter how intelligent a person is, there are certain lessons which life has decided to teach us in all together a unique way. You may agree with me that when we are into something not so good, we think “mere saath hi aisa kyun hota h.” you know why it is so. Because life in its entirety is a great inventor. Every time it meets a new face she evolves new lesson, something which is unique in its own unique way.

When life comes to us in a negative way, there is a huge lesson which probably we ourselves and people around us are unable to understand. We keep on mistaking ourselves and try to avoid that bad. But Dost, Life is a strict teacher; it comes with all its lessons. And no matter what, until and unless you understand what she wants to teach she stays in that bad negative ugly ways.

So if you are in one, Don’t look down, look up for it, welcome life’s gesture of teaching that necessary lesson which we should learn to make our further life smooth. Try to search for the answer your soul is yearning for. You can even resort to some spiritual gurus. Not because they will help you find the lesson, but because they will help your mind to reach the level of peace where you can vision the situation in positive percept and could find that lesson which is dug deep in that bad situation.

Allow mental churning inside you because “Amrit” can only be extracted after a lot of churning. Set yourself free from outer world for some time, dug yourself deep in your own self, make every second your own.

And I am sure you will find that one most important lesson of Life which will become beacon of your path.


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