Free flowing hair and wind of freedom

I was a short haired girl always. I was not at all interested in keeping long hair to make impressive looks.  I don’t remember them tied when I was young. Open hair were my fascination always as the way they play with my face with winds was so enchanting for me. I use to love riding speedy bikes and let my hair play with smooth winds.

One day came, that day, when everything changed in my life and freedom of keeping my hair open was taken back. For making me a sincere, obedient and Sanskari DIL, I let my hair arrested in prison of Rubber Band.

That monstrous rubber band use to hurt me a lot. In no way I think my hair were happy with its companionship. My head use to feel something heavy on it always.

After becoming mother, even keeping pony tail was not possible as my busy schedule dint allowed me to take care of them for whole or sometimes even two days. And for those days they were clutched in the clutch of demon named clutcher.

But then came an angelic day when I broke those monstrous walls and let my hair flung free in wind. I let my hair come out of the prison and allowed them to play sing laugh live once again. And the freedom I felt in letting them do what they desire is unexplainable for me.

I don’t know why our society is so rude for women that even things which exclusively belongs to her are not her own.


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