When I found Motherly love in my three year old daughter

I have heard that only most lucky parents get gift of Daughter from nature.  And I am the one lucky.

But it is not the way I use to think. When we were expecting, we were all expecting a male child, giving the kind of society we live in it was least expected to produce first female child. I though a feminist, was waiting for a male child so that I can be among those ladies who are considered superior because they have produced a man.

But there we were with a tiny bundle of white cotton in our hand. So pure and untouched.  But when I looked at people surrounding me I was surprised because there was not a single person who was rejoicing her birth. She was first girl since last 45 years in this family I belong to and still no one was congratulating her parents and grandparents. May be even her father was not expecting this result of his efforts. Hahaha

That was the moment when I realized that at her first glance it was only me who has loved her. And that day was the day I decided that she will be the only reason of my survival, she will be the only reason of my being in marriage.

And time started passing, my every smile and every tear was shared by her even when she don’t know anything I always felt her hand in my hand, her tightly gripping mine.  Every time I scold her, she never tried to look for sympathy from others; she simply cried and hugged me. May be trying to soothe me.

Then came the time, which was not in my favor. Everyone turned their back towards me, and left me alone to struggle in this manipulator world.

One day I was crying incessantly, she came near me, asked me to stop crying and hugged me and said “main papa ko datungi.” She loved me, hugged me, and kissed me, as if I am in lap of my mother. And she was nothing less than at that time. That day I discovered the truth why people say that people having daughter are luckiest on earth.


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