Thy almighty Pls give us chance To rectify our past mistakes To take path best suited To achieve dreams To live best of life To wake up everyday with renewed energy To complete every task assigned To smile every moment Almighty Pls give us one chance To ENLIGHTEN our soul And EMBRACE your presence Every …

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I just wanna let go, I wanna be alone I wanna go away from so called relatives I wanna be with me I wanna go away from this crazy surroundings  I wanna be around with nicest of myself I wanna close the doors and every window I wanna live the darkness around me I wanna …

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Indeed true, motherhood is greatest of all gifts, mother nature has bestowed upon humankind. But as it is said, with happiness, there comes sorrow, with rights their comes responsibilities. Motherhood comes with immense responsibilities which when mixed with anxieties of being a Mom become unmanageable sometimes. Part two is about postpartum care a Mother should …


May the YOU live long

May the sky retains its beauty always May the wind retains its vigour always May the sunshine retains its brightness always And may the ME retains its originality always. Yes, despite beauty, vigour, brightness we find everywhere May the you and me love our original self always.